All Images On This Scroll, Copyright © 1988 -2005 Stephen Earl Price All Rights Reserved

The images below are on one canvas, 12 inches x 16 inches.

The Daydreamer

(viewed in normal light)

The Daydream

(the same piece viewed in black light)

The Cathedral Crystal

(8 feet wide by 10 feet tall, both scenes on one canvas)

This is a private commission for a new age store selling crystals. On the left viewed in

daylight, right image in black light. The mural was mounted on a wall between 2 windows.

When the sun went down outside, the ambient light in the room diminished and the inside

of the crystal got dark. The stars and the earth became more visible in the black light.

Quartz In Orbital Space

Both images are painted with acrylics on the same canvas.

Bottom image viewed in black light.

( 7ft. 10 inches tall by 15 ft 8 inches wide, on one canvas)

The top image has pearlescent and irridescent paints in addition to

standard pigments adding to the crystal realism from different angles.

Luminous pigments cause the bottom image to glow in black light.

Due to the limitations of photographing a Black Light image the

crystal appears more blue in this picture than it is. In addition,

the actual painting has some lighter yellow and white glowing

areas near the tip. The transparent crystal effect is stunning.

In this detail the rainbow is of pearlescent pigments.

In black light the rainbow has a subtle soft glow.

The East wall in the Mystic Bathroom

Above Stonehenge in visible light, below in blacklight.


The West Wall

Above is the West wall in visible light and below as it appears in blacklight.

The Magic Tablet Above The Sink

Magic tablet in visible light on the left and in blacklight on the right.


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