Trompe l'Oeil, pronounced Trump Loy, is French for 'to fool the eye'.
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The Mystic Bath

Painted in a guest bathroom off the library, the room below best exemplifies

the technique of trompe l'oeil painting. The paint creates an illusion of a three

dimensional reality. My client wanted the look of an ancient stone temple with

a night sky, along with examples of many astrological and mystical symbols,

objects, books and ideas. The entire room was designed on computer by

retouching a photograph of the room taken before the painting phase began.

This allowed the client to view the room as it could look when it was complete

and to suggest I make changes before painting began. My goal for many

trompe l'oeil paintings is for the observer to be fooled as long as possible. If they

reach for a book in the bookcase, I want them touch wall before they see the illusion!

The technique used here is a combination of conventional

painting, sponging and airbrushing. The paint is artists acrylic

and fluorescent acrylic coated with a sealer. All of the stars

shine using black lights hidden in the beams at the top of the

walls. Other hidden details also become evident when

illuminated with black light as below.

In blacklight, the view of Stonehenge is under a night sky.

The white magic tablet above the sink, seen in the photo

above left, glows in black light revealing runic symbols.



Below the bathtub is a painted bookcase with a 'secret' space for a book,

The Secret Teachings Of All Ages, by M. P. Hall. All of the books relate

to philosophy, religious, mystical, meditational and masonic subjects.


A bag of runes lies in the morning sun on the window ledge of the East wall.

A niche in the wall above the tub holds a bronze, copper, silver and gold sculpture.

Mounted on a marble base, the piece is based on a Leonardo DaVinci sketch.

In Black Light the man changes into a woman.

In addition all of the meridians and points for accupuncture glow blue.

In the center between the windows is the Keystone

with a hieroglyphic inscription, "May You Be Illumined."

Part Two of the mystic bathroom

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